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OnStar #2

Hello and Welcome

Come on in and visit with Rosina Parmiggiano


Ciao e Benvenuto


On Star

Watch what happens when Rosina and Pasquale hit a deer on the highway and need On star to assist.


When Rosina takes her road kill to the butcher Marcello she discovers that her 200 pound deer has been reduced to a mere 20 pounds of meat. This hilarious skit will have you in stitches.

American Espresso

When Jarut from American Express calls to collect funds, he quickly discovers from Rosina that they are talking about two very different things. This video gives culture a new meaning.



Olga Pellegrino


Rosina Parmiggiano, is an international selling Italian Canadian comedian based in Toronto, Canada.  Her 2012/13 tour Rosina Parmiggiano and Friends marks her third North American tour and she has played sold out shows in Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal, New York, Detroit and Chicago.  


Rosina's humour celebrates the idiosyncratic nature of growing up Italian in North America and much of the material comes from Rosina's own life experiences as the daughter of Italian immigrants from Montalto Uffugo in Calabria, Italy. Whatever Magazine referred to her as an "Italian Lucille Ball" who often finds herself in mixed up situations based on her old world values, language barriers and other misconceptions.  No bond is sacred with Rosina who takes down anyone who crosses her path with her unique brand of humour and comedic timing.  

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Rosina Parmiggiano

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